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Cryotherapy (კრიოთერაპია)

Cryotherapy - This is the low temperature of liquid nitrogen using the method of treatment. Cryotherapy Greek word and means of cold treatment.

The mechanism of action of liquid nitrogen as follows:

• Cell reproduction and metabolism delay their death.
• Reduction of inflammation.
• Reduced pain and cramps (muscles ralaksatsias).
• Narrows the blood vessels.
• The intracellular fluid crystallization.

Cryotherapy is widely used in the treatment of the following diseases:

• Common warts.
• Feet and hand warts.
• Flat warts.
• Dermatofibromas.
• Skin papillomas.
• Seborrrheic keratosis.
• Keratoakanthoma.
• Piogenic granuloma.
• Epidermal cyst.
• Alopecia areata.
• Rosacea (vascular reactions to minimize).
• Condiloma accuminata.
Cryotherapy devices periodic modification of the terms. We use in modern comfortable spray device, which prevents the use of the possible side effects of this method.

Cryotherapy advantages:

• Less pain and irritation.
• Technical simplicity.
• Less skin trauma and virtually non-existent side effects.