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Phototherapy - (ფოტოთერაპია)

Phototherapy - This is the ultraviolet light treatment. Phototherapy has following methods: UVB (which may be narrow or Broad wave) and PUVA, which means the rays of the drug Psoralen (oxsoralen) simultaneous use. The latter increases the body's sensitivity to UV rays.

Phototherapy is widely used in the treatment of the following diseases:

• Psoriasis.
• Vitiligo.
• Atopic dermatitis.
• Dishydrotic eczema.
• Localized scleroderma.
• Acne vulgaris.
• Dermatitis herpetiformis.
• Pityriasis Lichenoides (PLEVA).
• Lichen planus.
• Nodular prurigo.
• Chronic urticaria.
• Granuloma annulare.
• Mycosis fungoides.
• Ichthyosis
Heliotherapy treatment applied to the sun in ancient times, and the 1903. N.Pinsen received the Nobel Prize phototherapy modern apparatus of the invention and its use in dermatological practice.

Phototherapy Benefits:

• The method is safe (including pregnant women and children)
• The use of phototherapy equipment is easy.
• Much more effective than other methods of treatment..
• Do not have serious side effects by supervision of medical specialists.